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Online advertising on Google, Facebook or Bing seems
too complicated or expensive? Not with liipn.

At liipn we have advertising experts with years of experience 
who built an algorithm that will run your campaigns optimized for best
performance. Your campaigns will be targeted locally based on your
business address or zipcode and the profile of your potential customers.

This is a great, simple and effective way to
acquire new customers online.

How does it work?

Once your automatic advertising kit is ready, all you have to do
is choose your advertising channels: Google, Facebook, and Bing.
You can choose one, mix & match, or optimally use all three.

Facebook IMG

Facebook advertising:

Set basic parameters for your campaign such as age, gender, location, daily budget, start and end date.

Add relevant interests to your business .
Not sure what to put? No problem, we will give 
you some recommendations.

Google IMG

Google Advertising:

Set basic parameters such as location,
daily budget, start and end date.

Then choose industry-specific keywords.
Don’t worry, we have a few recommendations here too.

Bing IMG

Bing Advertising:

Exactly the same as Google advertising :)
Advertising on Bing will also put your ads on
the Yahoo! advertising network.

That’s it!
Advertising is a great way to acquire new customers, but you should also distribute your promotion directly to your 
existing customers mobile phones to keep them coming back again and again.

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