Specific Terms With Respect To Contacts Lists

The User Content that you may submit to the Site pursuant to Section 5 above, may include contact lists and contact details of End-Users to which you wish to distribute Promotions ("Contact Lists"). Without derogating from any other provision herein contained, the terms of this Section 7 shall specifically apply to such Contact Lists.

You expressly represent, warrant and acknowledge that (1) you will not create or submit a Contacts List which violates, or may violate, privacy under applicable law; (2) Contacts Lists will include only individuals or entities who provided their consent to receive Promotions, in accordance with all applicable laws; (3) Promotions are distributed to Contact Lists as a technological solution only and 121Mobile has no obligation to monitor and/or check the content of the Contact Lists; (4) Promotions may not be sent to all of the addresses in your Contact Lists, as a result of such addresses' request to unsubscribe and stop receiving any Promotions. You hereby irrevocably authorize 121Mobile to remove and/or block Promotions sending to any contact in your Contact List, at any time the company finds appropriate, without giving any notification to you.

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